Let me be serious for a moment.

Now, yesterday was the scheduled rapture and we all had a great time joking, talking, laughing about it. But what if Harold Camping was right and yesterday turned out to be the actually apocalypse? We all dismissed him as a radical nut because we’ve experienced so many years and years of radical nuts that a lot of us now struggle what the idea of religion.

Its my firm belief that its people like Camping and other self-proclaimed know-it-alls that think they know what’s best for everyone else that ruin true spirituality.

I’m not comfortable with religion, I’m comfortable with my spirituality. Fact is, I don’t think spirituality is something that you are told, it is something that you learn and acquire through your own personal self discovery.

That’s my two cents.

~ by joysonism on May 22, 2011.

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