What Women Like

Recently I felt the need to buy new cologne. I like what I have in my collection, but I felt the need for something different. When shopping, I take my time and I like to know my choices, so I went to various department stores and cologne counters to see what’s new. More than once, I heard the phrase…”women really like this.”

I know what you’re doing and you know what you’re doing, hyping the product so you can make a sale. I don’t blame you, but I found the logic laughable. THEN, I heard people I know make this SAME claim about their favorite colognes.

This leads me to my suggestion for my fellas out there. Do NOT buy something under the illusion that it well help you get women. Simply put, it doesn’t work. You HAVE to do what you like and what’s right for you.

Don’t buy cologne because women supposedly like it, buy it because you like it. When you wear that cologne, you’re going to like the way you smell and you’re going to carry yourself differently.

Girl’s aren’t going to be attracted to your cologne, they’re going to be attracted to your confidence and the way you act when you’re around them.

Too many guys think there’s a formula to picking up women. You have to wear the right clothes, or say the right line or wear the right cologne. Truth is, if you do all that..you won’t find the right GIRL.

It’s a slippery slope when you begin to make decisions about yourself and your life based on other people’s expectations and preferences.

~ by joysonism on August 12, 2010.

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