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I had an amazing realization recently.

What do you know about your great-great-great-great grandfather?

If you’re lucky, there might be an elder in your family that can tell you about him. Or, if you’re really fortunate, there may be some historical records that can tell you some information about him as well. For the most part, all you’ll ever find out are a very narrow set of facts: Where he lived, what he did, who he married, and how many kids he had.

Unless you were related to a major historical figure, you probably won’t know much about your relatives from 100, 500, or 1000 years ago.

Now, that’s changing. We’re part of the first generation of individuals whose entire history may be recorded and passed on. We’re inching closer to an era where everyone will have a recorded digital footprint.

This isn’t just about what you have on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles. It’s about the picture and videos your friends have saved of you on their hard drive that gets backed up to the cloud. Its the list of movies you have in your Netflix queue. Its the footage of you holding a sign at a basketball game. Its finding your house on Google Maps.

Understandably, this goes into a host of privacy issues that has a lot of people worried about the “Big Brotherization” of society. While that is a valid concern, there is another way to look at things.

For the first time in history, we have the ability to affect our individual history. We’re part of a generation whose achievements, opinions and memories could theoretically “live forever.”

In the past, only someone who achieved “greatness” could really have a legacy. They left something behind that changed the lives of people in the future. That could be anything from an invention to the creation of a country.

Now, anyone can leave behind a history for family or digital anthropologists from the future to explore. Hell, it’s entirely possible that my grandson could become president and he could quote this blog when writing his own autobiography. (In reality, its more likely that my grandson’s opponent would use my Twitter against my grandson during the campaign.)

So what does this really mean for us? Pure and simple, we cannot become complacent. We can’t allow ourselves to get stuck in ruts. We have to look for ways to impact the greater good of the world and society.

Millions of generations of human beings before us just needed to do one thing: survive. Because of their success not only do we survive, we thrive. We have to do the best we can to make sure that those that come after us thrive as well.

Growing up, I wanted to succeed for my parents. Like most people, I worked hard in school because I didn’t want to disappointment them. Now I’m starting to realize that we need to challenge ourselves for the sake of our descendants as well.

With the ability to change our legacy at our fingertips, what are you doing?


April Already?

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You know what I just realized? I haven’t blogged so far in 2013. No bueno. A few random thoughts ahead….


First– I am guest hosting trivia this week and I am REALLY stuck on an idea for the music category. Anyone have any suggestions?


Thank GAWD that its finally warm again. That may have been one of the most miserable winters ever because it lasted FOREVER. Though we didn’t get a ton of snow — which probably means next year will be bloody murder– it was just depressingly long, cold and overcast every day. Now I wake up every day feeling like Johnny Nash.


Dude, if I could relay once piece of advice to people, it would be to NOT allow other people’s insecurities to effect your own personal happiness. I’ve come across too many instances of people trying to keep others down because of their own insecurities.

People who STAY negative. Who does that ever benefit?

I prefer the tenet: If you have a criticism to make, also offer a solution..or at least a path to a solution.


I’m not a fan of chambray shirts. Never got the appeal. They’re like fake jean shirts.


Speaking of Style: Keep an eye out for RW & CO, which is FINALLY launching an online store. They have a pretty interesting style, but so far have only been available in stores…in Canada.


You should know that I’ll be using the phrase, “You just got Jammed!” all summer.




GIFS of the Year

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I think these are my nominees for my GIFs of the year:


Make it Rain

Neil deGrasse Tyson:


















Not Really


Nearly anything by Schmidt from The New Girl:





Fellas, I was gonna post the Kate Upton Cat Daddy GIF, but I woulda nearly had to put an “Adult” tag on this post. But don’t worry, I clearly know the GIF of the Year:

Michelle Jenneke


What I Want – Christmas Guide 2012

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Since I have yet to win the lottery, I still don’t have the cashflow to buy everything I want. However,  as Christmas approaches, I thought it would be fun to highlight some potential gift ideas for me. I know, how magnanimous of me.

At the very least, it should give you ideas for gifts for your friends and family as well. This is going to be a living blog post and I’ll update it with new things as we head into Christmas. Without further ado….

  • Amazon Gift Certificate – Because of my Amazon Prime account, I buy a TON of shit from Amazon. I probably get a delivery once a week. I also buy a variety of things, from household items, food, books, music and gifts. With the recent introduction of MyHabit and the integration of Endless, I also buy apparel and footwear from the site. Essentially, giving me an Amazon gift card is like giving me cash money.
  • Related: I also shop frequently from JackThreads and Gilt, but since those are membership-based websites, not everyone may have accounts.
  • Bathrobe – To me, an essential bathrobe should address the 4 C’s– Cool and Classic, yet Contemporary and most important, Comfortable.
  • EyeWear – I’m not asking you to buy glasses for me, because everyone has their own tastes and styles. Howevah, gift certificates to EyeBuyDirect, ZenniOptical, Coastal and Warby Parker would be greatly appreciated.
  • Blazer – I don’t know why, but I kind of want a burgundy/maroon blazer. I’m not a fan of the Crest on the burgundy one, but I do like the material. I especially dig Will Ferrell’s recent version, which is very hard to find. Yes..I just referenced Will Ferrell as a style guide. You don’t like it?
  • Plant – I want a cool plant for my office. I have plenty of sunshine and its fairly warm, so I should take advantage of that. Ohh, maybe a Terrarium or Aquarium! That’d be a bit outside-the-box.
  • Tea – I love tea and drink it nearly every day. Republic of Tea is one of my favorite brands and one of their sample kits would make an awesome gift. It’ll help me find new teas to try.
  • Umbrella – Every man need’s a solid, portable umbrella that can handle wind, rain, snow and sleet.
  • Gloves – I want some cool gloves in a unique color, not just black or brown. I want some green or blue gloves.


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When did we get SO bitterly angry?

As most people know, I’m a fairly liberal guy. I’m also a pretty easy-going person, trying not to let too much get to me.

A few days ago, I came across an article about Dinesh D’Souza sharing a hotel room with a woman who was not his wife.  For those that don’t know, D’Souza is a hardcore conservative pundit whose social and political views I disagree with. When I came across the article I was ecstatic that someone whose opinions I vehemently disagree with was caught in his own hypocrisy. 

Then it dawned on me. Why am I so happy about this? I don’t know this dude personally, this happening won’t change the lives of me or anyone i know. And I’m sure this won’t really tarnish his reputation amongst his followers.

Maybe it’s because it’s an election year, but when did we get so angry about those we disagree with? Everything is “I’m right, you’re wrong” and there isn’t any discourse. Why isn’t there any objective discussion, thought or reasoning?

It used to be that you could disagree with someone and still get along with them, but now apparently you’re supposed to treat them like one of two things: an idiot, or your mortal enemy.

Now, I’m not some cultural anthropologist or political historian that has the ability to identify how and why this happened. It’s not as simple as pointing fingers at political leaders (Karl Rove), FUD-influenced media (Fox News), or ideologies (religion). Its also because of people who followed the aforementioned influencers.

We can allow outside influences to bully their way into changing the way we behave and communicate with each other. But what does that say about our own individuality? Isn’t it our ability for compassion that makes us human?

People have got to learn to relax. We’ve only got a little time ont his little blue dot, so why aren’t we making the most of it?

Next time you find yourself getting angry, take a breath. Step back and assess the situation. You might just realize its not worth it.

At the end of the day, aren’t there enough stresses in life that you don’t need to get upset by the things you can’t control?

Not a sermon, just a thought.

Blonde Women

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Question: Why doesn’t Hollywood want us to trust blonde women?

If you just look at the examples below, not only should you not trust them, but you DEFINITELY shouldn’t marry them.

Are there any that I’m missing?

Mad Men — Betty Draper


Arrested Development — Lindsay Bluth

Breaking Bad — Skyler White


Battlestar Galactica — Number 6

Game of Thrones — Cersei

Hater Brown Girl

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So I was Youtubing Bollywood songs this fine evening (hold your mocking) and I came across something nearly perfect.

While many Bollywood videos and songs are catchy, energetic and colorful, sometimes you find the best things in random cutaway shots or in the backgrounds of the videos themselves.

So I was watching this song from the movie Bachna Ae Haseeno and I came across this image:

Hater on Right


Why is this image so perfect? The girl on the far right has a look on her face that is rarely captured in photographs or videos, but it is something that we have ALL experienced:

The Hater Brown Girl

You have met her at probably a variety of locations and in a multitude of scenarios. In school, at the store, at a bar, in the grocery store, at a wedding, in church, hanging out with your friends. You’re out, minding your own business, maybe meeting new people, having a good time, you look over and there is someone quietly judging you with disgust in their eyes.

I personally could have amassed a small fortune if I received a dollar for every time I received that look.

Most of the time, it’s a lot like the picture above. Everyone else is having a good time and she’s got a bug up her ass.

In my youth, this look may have bothered me, but nowadays, it’s one of my favorite things in the world. Not only does it encourage me to keep doing whatever I’m doing, but it makes me do it with more gusto. It also encourages me to make friends with the people around her who are genuinely having a good time.

Damn, I love this look.