What I Want – Christmas Guide 2012

Since I have yet to win the lottery, I still don’t have the cashflow to buy everything I want. However,  as Christmas approaches, I thought it would be fun to highlight some potential gift ideas for me. I know, how magnanimous of me.

At the very least, it should give you ideas for gifts for your friends and family as well. This is going to be a living blog post and I’ll update it with new things as we head into Christmas. Without further ado….

  • Amazon Gift Certificate – Because of my Amazon Prime account, I buy a TON of shit from Amazon. I probably get a delivery once a week. I also buy a variety of things, from household items, food, books, music and gifts. With the recent introduction of MyHabit and the integration of Endless, I also buy apparel and footwear from the site. Essentially, giving me an Amazon gift card is like giving me cash money.
  • Related: I also shop frequently from JackThreads and Gilt, but since those are membership-based websites, not everyone may have accounts.
  • Bathrobe – To me, an essential bathrobe should address the 4 C’s– Cool and Classic, yet Contemporary and most important, Comfortable.
  • EyeWear – I’m not asking you to buy glasses for me, because everyone has their own tastes and styles. Howevah, gift certificates to EyeBuyDirect, ZenniOptical, Coastal and Warby Parker would be greatly appreciated.
  • Blazer – I don’t know why, but I kind of want a burgundy/maroon blazer. I’m not a fan of the Crest on the burgundy one, but I do like the material. I especially dig Will Ferrell’s recent version, which is very hard to find. Yes..I just referenced Will Ferrell as a style guide. You don’t like it?
  • Plant – I want a cool plant for my office. I have plenty of sunshine and its fairly warm, so I should take advantage of that. Ohh, maybe a Terrarium or Aquarium! That’d be a bit outside-the-box.
  • Tea – I love tea and drink it nearly every day. Republic of Tea is one of my favorite brands and one of their sample kits would make an awesome gift. It’ll help me find new teas to try.
  • Umbrella – Every man need’s a solid, portable umbrella that can handle wind, rain, snow and sleet.
  • Gloves – I want some cool gloves in a unique color, not just black or brown. I want some green or blue gloves.

~ by joysonism on November 4, 2012.

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