Cold Water Won’t Burn You

I’ve been trying to take a new approach to life recently and it ties to the following phrase:

“Cold Water Won’t Burn You.”

Most of us like taking nice hot or warm showers. The coldest we’ll ever go is a lukewarm, moderate temperature.

We shudder at the notion of taking an ice cold shower.

What are you so afraid of? That cold water isn’t going to burn you or hurt you in any sense, but we’re afraid of it.

If anything, that cold water will give you a jolt, wake you up, and give you the energy that you may not have had before.

Stupid, irrational fears prevent you from taking cold showers. But sometimes you just have to get past them and try new things.

So, that’s my new philosophy, find more cold showers.

~ by joysonism on June 5, 2012.

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