Brown People Got Me Seeing Red

I am proud of the things about me that make me different and unique. Two things that I’m most proud of are my culture, as an Indian person in America, and my ability to challenge certain tenets of that culture so that I can better understand where I came from, who I am and the type of man I want to be.

But dammit brown people, why you gotta be so nosy and annoying sometimes?!

Case in point, My sister was asked the following question this weekend from an Indian Aunty:

“So where is Joyson? I haven’t seen him much in church, but from looking at his Facebook, it looks like he has been partying a lot.”

What the deuce?!
1. My privacy settings are pretty high.
2. Said Aunty is not a friend of mine, her daughter is. However, I checked her settings, which are pretty high, and she can’t see photos or anything of mine.

Now, how the hell are you gonna judge me for what I do in my life? Not only that, you are going through your daughter to be nosy, and your daughter can only see one profile picture of me holding a beer in my hand.

Secondly, why are you going to my sister about this? You gotta question about me, my life decisions and what’s going on? Why don’t you ask? Better yet, why don’t you add me on Facebook? I’ll accept your request and answer any questions you have about my personal life.

I cannot stand when people take their collective society ideals and try to force them into your individual style of living. At the end of the day, what I do does not affect you.

You know what, in January I’m going to try a Facebook social, cultural experiment. Can’t tell you details now, but I would love to see how it turns out.

Stay tuned.

~ by joysonism on December 12, 2010.

One Response to “Brown People Got Me Seeing Red”

  1. Damn, dude. When folk do things like that it’s irritating. I wanna be down with the Facebook social experiment!

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