Thank You

Thank you, everyone. Because of your hard work and dedication this weekend, we were able to stop child abuse forever. Through the difficult step of changing your Facebook profile picture to that of an 80s or 90s cartoon character, we have guaranteed that no child will ever be harmed again.

Once deemed a “white” fascination by the venerable Stuff White People Like blog, creating “Awareness” has now crossed racial, cultural and digital bounds to form a more perfect union of minimal inactivity with self-righteous indignation.

Some may call this a marketing ploy designed to engage a lemming-like community devoid of individual thought or opinion. However, we know this is not true. Only by knowing your favorite Ninja Turtle can I fully comprehend the depths in which children of the world suffer. And through this knowledge can we truly affect change.

Again, I thank you.

~ by joysonism on December 6, 2010.

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