Indians Be Trippin’

People who haven’t talked to my parents in years are now calling them to ask if they are looking for a girl for me. They say they know a lot of “good” girls.

What the deuce? Do they KNOW me? First things first, I am definitely not a good boy, so what am I gonna do with a “good” girl?

I like my Dad’s response: “Hell, no. Have you even met our son? He only likes white girls.”

I love it when my Dad gives loud and stupid answers to ignorant Indians.

Secondarily — when did we forget to beat our kids? If I did half of the stuff that little kids do in church or other public places these days, my parents would beat my ass. And I am happy they did.

These loud ass kids need some disciple, dammit.

Finally, why can’t we have ONE good Olympic athlete? We are insanely good in medicine and research, can’t we genetically engineer an athlete to win at least a bronze medal? Come on!

That is all.

On a positive note, Happy Holi.

~ by joysonism on February 28, 2010.

One Response to “Indians Be Trippin’”

  1. hahahah mate you crack me up ! hahaha

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