Women and College Applications

I had a great conversation recently about hitting on women and I think I made a nearly perfect analogy. Talking to women is like the college application process.

It can be long, stressful and can sometimes cost a lot.

Now, as you may remember, there are 3 types of schools that you should apply to:

-The Maybe Schools
-The Safe Schools
-The Reach Schools.

The “Maybes” are the schools that you hope to get into and really take time in applying to. You know that it might not be easy, but that’s really where you want to go.

You know that you will get into your “Safe” schools, they are essentially your fallback option if you don’t get into the schools that you really wanted to get into. For the sake of my analogy, we can compare these schools to townie girls.

Finally, we have the “Reach Schools.” Now, you know its a long shot. You are nearly guaranteed not to get into your Reach School, but you HAVE to apply because despite the odds, you just might make it in.

Now, applying is a moot point if your application is wack. It’s not just about your grades, you’ll also have to work on your essay, which can often make or break your application. Its like having cool clothes, watches and an expensive car and then saying stupid things that will get you ignored or slapped.

It will take the total package to get you into the “school” of your dreams.

So what happens after you get in? Easy, you focus on extra curricular activities.

~ by joysonism on December 28, 2009.

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