I Hate “Cute”

I was reminded of the reason I hate the word “cute” when my friend Talya commented on how cute the Sporks were she was Googling online. I wrote about this years ago in my original blog, but I feel I need to revisit it.

A note to all the ladies out there. I’m gonna tell you something about us men. We hate the word “cute”. We absolutely hate it, you know why? Because it has no meaning. You will refer to anything as cute. A shirt, shoes, glasses, a dog. Hell, I remember one time during Bio in high school, this one girl described our Bunsen burner as cute. Now, unless you’re describing us as “really cute”, please do not refer to us as cute. We know what “cute” is, it’s a fallback term. We know what you’re really saying:

“he’s a cute and really sweet” translates to he’s not that attractive, but I’m willing to lower my standards.

Or ” aww, you’re so cute” translates to he’s such a good friend, just like a brother”. Here’s the thing, guys, if her eyebrows go up when saying the word “cute”..you’ve reached brother/friend/buddy level…eyebrows go down and face scrunches up…when saying “cute”, she digs you. (or vice versa, depends on the girl)

I’m not gonna lie, we fellas use “cute” too, but usually only in two different circumstances with the same end result.

“Your friend? Oh yeah, she’s cute” (head goes up, that “yes” motion) translates to “I’m attracted and interested in hooking up with her.”

“Your friend, yeah, she’s cute” (head tilts to the side, like water in the ear motion) translates to I’m not really attracted to her, but yeah, I’d hit that.”

Cute :The most passive-aggressive word in the English language. Its means nothing. Possibly my least favorite word.

~ by joysonism on December 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “I Hate “Cute””

  1. I was going to argue with this post but the truth is, you’ve cracked our code. Cute could also mean you remind us of a kid or a puppy, which is also not something guys are going for.

  2. spot on my man. spot on.

  3. Deja vu. 😉

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