Go See It: 500 Days of Summer

It’s no secret that I’ve been looking forward to seeing 500 Days of Summer for months. Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to go see an early screening of the movie, and it did the what most movies can’t do anymore. It surpassed my expectations.

Not being a movie aficionado, I won’t even issue an attempt at objectivity. It was smart, funny and totally true to the emotions and feelings of real life. I can see thing becoming the kind of movie that is a personal instant classic for me.

Both leads, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zoey Deschanel, were perfectly cast. In his review, film critic Roger Ebert called Gordon-Levitt “Tom Hanksian“, which I disagree with. If anything, Gordon-Levitt came off as a John Cusack 2.0. His character was essentially Lloyd Dobler out of college, before the age and cynicism of Cusack’s other classic character, Rob from High Fidelity. In fact, I’m sure after he watches the movie, Nick Hornby will be disgusted that he didn’t write it himself.

And Zoey Deschanel? She was perfectly “girl-next-door gypsy.” Specifically designed and created in a lab by scientists to break mens’ hearts. Leaving them both confused and intrigued. I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed by any of her performances. She is vastly underrated for her aura of watchability. Even the character I thought I would hate, the “too mature for her age” little girl, was not as insufferable as I expected her to be.

From the story, to the acting to the soundtrack (which is great), I highly recommend you see 500 Days of Summer.

~ by joysonism on July 17, 2009.

One Response to “Go See It: 500 Days of Summer”

  1. summers over.
    fall’s here.
    update brotha

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