Finding Forrester with a Gran Torino

I recently saw Gran Torino and I really liked it. But a couple hours after watching the movie, I thought to myself. This seems familiar. What a second, I’ve seen this before. There’s something very “Finding Forrester” about this movie…

-Older white guy, living alone in a neighborhood that has evolved in the 20,30, 40, 50 years to become a mostly minority community.
-He’s crabby and doesn’t like to interact with anyone.
-He catches a neighbor, minority kid that breaks into his house on a challenge from the kids friends/family.
-Old guy befriends the minority kid
-Old guy realizes the kid has a talent and works to develop that talent
-Old guy provides the kid with tools to encourage the boy and develop aforementioned talent
-Kid works to bring the old guy out of his shell
-There is a 20-something “authority” figure who attempts to watch over the old guy, but the old guy doesn’t respect him.
-Kid gets in trouble and the old guy goes to save him, without the kid knowing old guy would do so.
-In the end, the old guy leaves his prized possession to the kid.

The fact is, I liked both movies. However, all I really want is some creativity. I bet you in three years, there’ll be another version starring Tommie Lee Jones or Jack Nicholson as an old guy with a boat. OR, they’ll switch it up and it will be an old minority guy that befriends a young white girl. Oh wait, Denzel already made Man on Fire..

~ by joysonism on July 5, 2009.

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