There is a very common misconception about men that needs to be addressed. Many people firmly believe that we men are afraid of commitment.

This is absolutely, unequivocally false. The fact is…when we meet a barber that we like, we will go to that barber for YEARS. Decades even. I know this, because for the past year, I’ve gone to the same barber.

Prior to that, I spent 1 1/2 years wandering from barber to barber, because my previous barber of 7 years left the area. Before him, I was wandering for a couple years.

The age when you begin to go to the barber by yourself is right about the time you grow up and begin to define yourself as a person. As such, you need to know you can trust someone that will guide you through shaggy hair, the Caesar, the buzz cut, the faux hawk, the i-spent-15-minutes-trying-to-look-like-i-just-rolled-outta-bed look, and the clean cut business look.

You should be able to develop such rapport, that the only question becomes what length you want the sides (2 in the summer, 3 in the winter). Most importantly, a good barber will tell you the TRUTH. Yes, a rat tail is a bad idea. No, you shouldn’t get cornrows.

Now, I’m not here to make the hair stylist vs. barber argument. The fact is, even if a guy goes to a “hair stylist” at a salon, he’s telling his buddies that he went to his barber at the barbershop.

So here’s a toast to the great barber, the easiest commitment you will ever make.

~ by joysonism on June 22, 2009.

One Response to “Commitment”

  1. I can agree with this. Actually this was quite funny – a new thing for you. My question: so what about the guys that commit and then sleep with someone else for the sake that they got tired of the one they were with. That should be the topic of your next post – marriage. I’m 100% believe men aren’t afraid to be committed, but when it changes from commit to “sign on the dotted line” – some freak out. I mean – you’d change barber’s if you got bored, right? Let’s hear it Dr. J. 😉

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