Tiny Toon Adventures Redux

Don’t know why, but I suddenly thought of Tiny Toon adventures.

So all the characters, Buster, Babs, Plucky, Hampton all attended Acme Looniversity, right? Don’t you think, that if it were real life. they would be adults with real jobs right now?

I think Babs and Buster dated for a while, but after college they probably broke it off. Probably because Buster wasn’t ready to settle down and Babs wanted to focus on her career. Babs probably has some high power job now and is the type of person who wears a business suit every day. Probably owns her own company in the marketing or consulting realm. She’s probably married to a quiet insurance salesman-type, nice guy though. He mostly takes care of the kids.

Buster meanwhile, still hasn’t settled down. He’s probably lived all over the world and tried a variety of jobs. He’s probably tried his hand at acting, as a bartender and is now a teacher or professor of some kind. Probably lives somewhere across the country right now, with a live-in girlfriend that is much younger than him. Always seen in a sportscoat with patches on the elbows.

Plucky Duck is probably still perpetually crabby. He probably works at a job where he has to interact with people all day and he hates it. He’s been married, divorced, engaged again, but is now single and lives in a one bedroom apartment, in a complex where he is the resident with the most complaints and most complaints against.

Hamilton J. Pig is certainly some sort of business executive. He thought about law, but it just didn’t appeal to him. He studied accounting and financial and is in a related field for a bank or other large institution. Think of him as a successful George Costanza. He’s married to a wonderful wife, Maureen, who along with his 3 kids, spends much more money they he wishes they did.

So that’s my theory. What do you think? What does a degree from Acme Looniversity get you?

~ by joysonism on June 17, 2009.

One Response to “Tiny Toon Adventures Redux”

  1. I never liked Tiny Tunes, but it was definitely weird to watch them dubbed in urdu!

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